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Rope Clutches & Jammers

Looking for Rope Clutches & Jammers for your sailboat? The MAURIPRO Sailing Argentina store provides a large selection fro trusted brands such as Antal, Barton Marine, Karver, Lewmar, Ronstan and Spinlock,

About Antal Rope Clutches & Jammers
The powerful yet gentle Double V-Grip system constitutes a step forward among the V-Grip products. Two opposing V shaped wedges fold the line and tighten the hold: the more one pulls, the tighter the hold. Line pressure is exerted onto four sides of the rope. Antal has never realized a better union as in Double V-Grip of line care with holding power. Each jammer has been studied so to give the best test results on the line diameter it is designed for.

About Barton Rope Clutches & Jammers
Manufactured from modern lightweight materials, the D0550 moulded parts are from high-grade plastics which are strong, light and impace resistant. Cams and bases are from marine grade aluminium, "Spectro" anodised for long life in the harsh marine environment.

About Karver Rope Clutches & Jammers
Karver KJ Jammers is a true revolution by its performance, its shape, its technology and the way to use it. Developped to hold the most technical type of rope, it features a conical shpae, a release handle that needs to be pulled toward the user, and three jaws that grab the line 36°. The KJ can be purchased in three configuration: Complete set (bracket + conical mechanism), conical mechanism by itself, and conical mechanical in a carbon socket.

About Lewmar Rope Clutches & Jammers
Lewmar defines clutch has a reliable holding device with designed-in slippage controlled with a brake foot pedal or lever. Lewmar has redefined rope clutch technology with a variable geometry handle and unique grip pattern in the shape of dominos that helps prevent rope fray. This new system has been independently tested and has won awards for its innovative framework.

About Spinlock Rope Clutches & Jammers
Spinlock Sailboat Rope clutches are made for easy release and locking of lines under load, with minimal abrasion to the gripped surface.