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Deck Organizers

Deck Organizers lead a large number of lines through a small space. should have one more sheave than the number of control lines that are going to run through. Pass the lines between the sheaves so they can be turned to the winch on either side of the boat as a precautionary measure for whatever the situation calls for. Halyards often see very high loads because you are trying to tension fully-loaded sails, or the bolt rope or luff tape can cause friction that will make it difficult to hoist the sail. On double-stacked deck organizers, it is recommended that the higher load lines, such as halyards, are run through the lower shelves of the deck organizer.

About Harken Deck Organizers
Lead halyards and control lines aft, allowing crew to sail from the security of the cockpit. Deck organizers lead a large number of lines through a small space.

About Ronstan Deck Organizers
Are an effective means of deflecting halyards and other control lines to winches, stoppers and cleats. Sheaves are made from impact resistant Acetal. The deck organizers have alloy cheeks, flared at rope entry and exit points to minimise chafing. All sizes can be stacked to create double versions - MWL of the top sheaves must not exceed 50% of the total block load rating.

About Schaefer Deck Organizers
Help organize your lines on deck and lower the stress in your sailboat cockpit with a low-profile, high strength Schaefer Deck Organizers. Available in many combinations and in either a brillant Stainless Steel or Black Hardcoat anodized finish. Perfectly suited to work with Schaefer's wide variety of Control Lead Blocks.

About Selden Deck Organizers
The deck tidy and lead the ropes back to the cockpit. The acetal sheaves have acetal ball bearings absorbing side loads from a rope entering the organizer with a vertical angle. The result is low friction making hoisting and trimming of sails fast and easy.