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If you are looking for some real speed going downwind, then you are going to need a good Bowsprit for your Gennaker or asymmetric Spinnaker. We at MAURIPRO Sailing Argentina are providing and backing the brands of Sparcraft, Forespar, Forte, Trogear and Seldén on fulfilling your need for speed. These spars are quick to add and remove from the foredeck after installing the deck mounting brackets and when in the inactive position, gives you a clear foredeck when arriving at the docks. Technical assistance is offered by MAURIPRO in helping you make the right choice for right bowsprit for your sailboat.

About Trogear™ Adjustable Bowsprits
Made from carbon fiber, Trogear Adjustable Bowsprits are lightweight, strong and easy to use. The Trogear's solid, triangular design offers the best weight to strength ratio on the market. They currently come in four standard models, the AS-25, AS-30R, AS-40 and AS-50 and are suitable for monohull and multihull boats 20-70ft. Custom sprits are also available.

Uniquely designed with a hinged installation and adjustable bobstay, it can be placed upright to attach sails or stow at the dock. The luff tension of the sail is adjustable from the cockpit via a control line.The Trogear bowsprit is designed to be mounted below the deck line for extra strength and to keep your deck clear of obstructions. Additional install methods include deck mounting and attachment to the bow roller. The bowsprit remains removable. It is an ideal aftermarket solution for your sailboat, and facilitates flying Asymmetrical Spinnakers and Code 0s. US patent 9643701.

About Seldén Removable Sailboat Bowsprits
Seldén removeable/retractable gennaker bowsprits are sold as a kit for adaption for your yacht. Basically, you fit two pad eyes on deck in line with the bow bracket. The bow bracket is a stainless ring with a polyamide (PA) inner lining through which you slide the bowsprit to active position. When you're done flying your asymetrical spinnaker, slide the bowsprit back and secure it to the aft pad eye. The inboard end features a spring-loaded plunger for easy attachment to the pad eye. Seldén bow sprits can have a tackline that goes through the bowsprit or can have a tack block at the end of the bowsprit. The tackline is preferably pulled through the bowsprit. The line enters a well rounded hole in the outboard end and comes out through the inboard end of the sprit.

An important component of a Seldén bowsprit is the bow bracket. Seldén bowsprit brackets come in two versions for each size, a bolt on type and a plain ring that can be welded onto an anchor roller bow pulpit. Seldén bowsprits are available in bot aluminum and carbon fiber. Carbon fiber bowsprits have the advantage of having significantly more strength for a given weight and diameter over an aluminum bow sprit.

About Forte Carbon Fiber Sailboat Bowsprits
The easy-to-install Forte Carbon Bow Sprit Kit includes everything you need: a beautiful clear painted carbon fiber bowsprit, your choice of easy-to-mount deck hardware and a robust outboard end fitting.

Forte offers four bowsprit kit sizes to accommodate a wide variety of sailboat sizes. The carbon fiber bowsprit tube will actually be engineered and built to your specific requirements. Because of this, the OD of the tube is not set in stone; the laminate (wall thickness) may be a little thicker for heavier boats or boats carrying more sail.

When planning to mount your bowsprit kit, we recommend you maintain a 50/50 ratio of unsupported length to supported length. For example if you have 6' of unsupported pole sticking out past your forward mount, then you will want to have another 6' of pole to your aft mount. Your total pole length in this case would need to be 12'.

About Forespar Bowsprits for Multihull Sailboats
The Forespar Multihull bowsprit kit is designed to easily retrofit an existing multihull with no bowsprit to one that has a bowsprit to improve downwind performance using reaching spinnakers and drifter sails. Each sprit is specifically sized to match the boat and can be rigged to use with continuous line furling systems or custom configured. Depending on installation, the sprit pole can also be lifted up out of the way or removed. Increases downwind performance, can be used with a continuous line furling system, professional installation recommended The bowsprit pole is clear anodized to military standards and made of 6063-T6 marine alloy.

About Sparcraft Alloy Bowsprits
The Sparcraft Alloy Bowsprits Automatic Locking device provides easy fixation (automatic locking device on deck fixing blocks); and a rotating collar captive from the section: Removable bowsprit for storage alongside one boat edge. The Complete Kit include: Aluminum bowsprit with special end fittings: Bridle attachment at the front and fixing block devide at the back (delivered pre-installed); Adjustable Central fixing collar and Deck fitting blocks and tow counter plates.