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Big Boat Blocks are designed to handle the heavy loads associated with halyards, sheets, control lines and running backstays on large sailboats.

About Harken Blocks
Harken Classic Small Boat Blocks are strong, dependable, and exceptionally free running. Small Boat Classic blocks are exceptionally free-running and can be used for sheets, halyards, and control lines on dinghies and smaller keelboats, as well as for lightweight control lines on boats of all different sizes. Small Boat Classic blocks are ideal sailboat hardware for almost every trimming task.

Ubi Maior Blocks
Designed for the new generation of increasingly performant cruisers, the Ubi Maior blocks follow a new lay-out, which foresees the use of shackles to be fixed, and are guaranteed to meet the highest strength, versatility and design criteria. The whole block is made to the highest resistance and reliability standards as each component is manufactured by machining and no structural parts are cast or molded.

Wichard Snatch Blocks
Fited to a pad eye or toe rail Wichard Snatch Blocks are highly useful for taking up a rope that is already reeved. The elastomer moulded cheeks make them shock and scratch-resistant.