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Batten Car Systems

About Antal Batten Car Systems
The Antal Batten Car System's End Fittings are made of aluminium and should be attached to the mast with the 2x6 and 2x8 mm screws.

When the Antal Gate Tracks is removed, the head carriage and top batten slider of a square-top mainsails can be extracted to make it easier to "tie" the mainsail to the boom.

About Harken Battcar Systems
Battcar systems lets you raise, lower, and reef at any wind angle possible so you can enjoy effective sail shape underway, for a great price. You should choose a battcar instead of an in-boom or in-mast furling system because furling systems can cost four to six times as much as a battcar system. The system doesn't require anything else to work, and won't need an electric winch if you can hoist the weight of the sail. Is also safer to use by yourself or with a shorthanded crew than a furling system.

About Schaefer Battern Car Systems
Work on mainsails with both full and regular length battens; on boats ranging from 20 feet to 200 feet; and on your existing spar*. Battslide will allow you to safely and easily handle your mainsail in all conditions.

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