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Hatches & Portlights

At MAURIPRO Sailing, we provide the top Hatches & Portlights available from the Lewmar name. Lewmar's comprehensive range of hatch and portlight offers a solution to temperature control in the cabin, whether on a small dayboat or a superyacht. Combining years of manufacturing experience with the latest in design trends, the range we supply bears all the features you come to expect of a high-quality Lewmar product. With the technical assistance we offer, you will be provided with the right choice to maintain comfort below deck on those laid back days and restful nights.

Sailboat hatches are recommended on sailboats with larger decks as they can provide an access point to the cabin that can easily be sealed. When the hatch is shut, the frame of the hatch creates a waterproof seal to prevent water from coming in. Lewmar hatches use a sturdy acrylic which can be walked on when the hatch is closed. These hatch acrylics are also available in different tints to help regulate the light going into the cabin. Lewmar hatches come in several different series that vary by the height from the deck. Once open, the sailboat hatch provides a great entry point into the boat where you can quickly exchange equipment between the above and below deck. Hatches also provide great ventilation when inside the cabin. Select Lewmar hatches can be retrofitted with an acrylic modification that helps with ventilation even while the hatch is closed.

Marine portlights can be found on the side of the bulkhead or on the side of the hull. Lewmar Portlights come as either the fixed portlight, which provides a small window for light to enter the cabin, or as the opening portlight that can be opened to assist with air circulation below deck. Opening portlights can also be placed on the deck wall as a solution for cluttered deck spaces on racing boats as sheet tails can be thrown down below. Lewmar Portlights use a handle and hinge system that is designed to leave the lens clear of obstructions, giving them an uncluttered view and a clean, modern look.

Hatches & Portlights