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AIS Systems

Looking for AIS Systems for your sailboat? The MAURIPRO Sailing store provides a large selection! Choose between Garmin Electronics, Icom, Raymarine and Vesper Marine.

About Garmin AIS System
Garmin offers communications and Automatic Identification Systems (AIS) designed to enhance convenience and safety for mariners worldwide. All include Digital Selective Calling (DSC), a global protocol that uses channel 70 to transmit and receive digital messages.

About Icom AIS System
The MA-500TR is a Class B AIS transponder for Non-SOLAS vessels such as pleasure craft, work-boat and small vessels. Your vessels information will automatically be transmitted at fixed intervals or under base station control.

About Raymarine AIS System
Operating in the VHF maritime band, the Raymarine AIS System enables the wireless exchange of navigation status between vessels and shore-side traffic monitoring centres. Commercial ships, ocean-going vessels and recreational boats equipped with Raymarine AIS transmitters broadcast AIS messages that include the vessel's name, course, speed and current navigation status.

About Vesper AIS System
Vesper Marine AIS Antennas are designed specifically to match our WatchMate 850 and WatchMate Vision transponders. These antennas have powerful low noise amplifiers and provide exceptional GPS performance. They feature flexible mounting options and come complete with cables that plug right into the transponder.

AIS Systems