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About Big Boat Blocks
Big Boat blocks are designed to handle the heavy loads associated with halyards, sheets, control lines and running backstays on large sailboats.

Harken Big Boat Blocks are available to fit every high load block need on a large yacht. The entire line of Harken Air Blocks has been redesigned with a sleek new look. Their unique, performance-packed engineering remains the same as the previous line of Harken Air Blocks. These strong lightweight sailboat blocks feature free rolling, high-load torlon roller bearings for a high strength-to-weight ratio. Harken Air Runner blocks are perfect for use on running backstays. Use them for sail controls that see lots of action: mainsheet, runner, halyard, and spinnaker systems.Harken's line of Stainless Steel Blocks reflect the traditional beauty of your yacht's classic lines. Stainless sideplates are mirror-polished for durability and unmatched esthetic. The ultralight composite bearing system rides on a heat treated stainless inner race to handle extremely high loads.Harken Aluminum Megayacht Blocks The clean, crisp look of aluminum is perfect for performance-oriented yachts.

Lewmar 80 mm Racing Blocks are designed to achieve the best strength-to-weight ratio within legal race limits. These sailboat blocks feature alloy cheeks and composite sheaves which run on dual Delrin ball races. Lewmar makes these blocks available in a range of sizes and configurations to suit a variety of boats and sailing needs. Lewmar Racing Footblocks are excelllent low-load footblocks, you'll want composite sheaves and friction cams. For high load, alloy sheaves and spring cams. The jammer holding load is no more than 300 kg / 660 lb. Be sure you don't load the upper sheave beyond 60% of the Safe Working Load.

Ronstan Racing Orbit blocks are a Ronstan's range of sailboat blocks developed to meet the demands and expectation of the very dedicated and increasingly professional racing sailor. Ronstan makes big boat racing blocks in sizes ranign from 60mm to 150mm using Torlon bearings for use in high load applications.

About Sailboat Fiddle Blocks
Commonly used in mainsheet systems and boom vangs, Fiddle Blocks have two sets of sheaves, allowing you to run the line down and back up into the block again to increase purchase on the line. At MAURIPRO Sailing we carry fiddle blocks ranging from micro block size up to big boat high load fiddle blocks.

About Sailboat Foot Blocks
Footblocks, sometimes known as cheek blocks are commonly used to divert genoa and spinnaker sheets as well as halyards in some applications. Ronstan footblocks are stackable. Harken and Lewmar footblocks are available in a double footblock configuration.

About Ronstan Orbit Blocks
Ronstan Orbit Sailboat Blocks are the choice of the man ofworld's best racing sailors. The flexible Dyneema Link technology in the Ronstan sailboat blocks comes from the latest trends in development classes and grand prix ocean racing. The product of meticulous engineering, Orbit Blocks deliver the ultimate in strength, weight saving, holding power and control.

Advanced fibre and polymer technology that is up to ten times stronger than steel delivers a block that is more compact and lighter too. Through 3D modeling, Finite Element stress analysis and mould flow analysis, Ronstan's engineers made sure that everything performs both in the laboratory and in the real world.

Months of on-water testing by elite sailors pushed the Ronstan Orbit Blocks to their limits. After further strengthening and fine-tuning, these great sailboat blocks are now ready for you to test for yourself.

About Harken Carbo Blocks
Designed to be Strong and Compact, Harken low-friction Carbo AirBlocks are lightweight, strong, reliable and affordable. These are features all sailors look for when choosing sail controls and real breakthrough in block design. These Harken small, compact blocks have very high working loads for safe, easy trimming no matter how hard the wind blows. With continued innovation in small boat blocks like the Harken T2 and T18 blocks, Harken adds to their extensive catalog of small, midrange and large sailboat blocks.