Top Places To Go Fishing

Top 4 Places to go Fishing

Planning your next vacation but don't know where to go yet? How about a place to relax and explore while practicing your hobbies? If sailing and fishing are your passion then you came to the right place.

Over the years, MAURIPRO has traveled to diverse places around the world seeking new adventures and putting into practice what we love the most. That's why we would like to share our Top 4 Places to Go Fishing on a Sailboat.

Pack your things, buckle up and let's go fishing!

"There are always new places to go fishing. For any fisherman, there's always a new place, always a new horizon."
Jack Nicklaus


Situated on the east coast of Africa, Kenya has been one of European's favorite destinations to go fishing by sailboat for decades. This area is known for housing a vast number of blue marlin, sailfish, swordfish, and spearfish. Many resorts at Kenya's shore will offer tourists the best fishing activities lead by well respected, experienced guides. If you are seeking wildlife adventures, Kenya is definitely the place you have been looking for!


Just a few hours from the US, Belize has become one of the favorite destinations to travel for practicing different marine activities such as diving among whale sharks, sailing and fishing. So if you are seeking marine adventures make this your next destination.
Belize has become a travel-friendly nation, their protection and maintenance laws have been protecting the marine ecosystem better than anywhere else in the world. Belize's coastline is incredibly diverse, surrounded by a network of rivers, reefs, and shallow water flats, becoming just the perfect habitat for marine life and fishing on a sailboat. On top of that, a big percentage of tour companies contribute with many programs that reinforce the caring of Belize's vast marine life. What a great way to do what we love while contributing to our planet!


Considered the best for Mediterranean fishing, Sicily is the largest island located in the heart of the Mediterranean sea. Since their beginning, fishing has been one of Sicily’s principal activities which can be reflected in their food and culture. Lately It has also become one of the European's favorite fishing destinations because of the large amounts of swordfish and tuna that it houses. You can easily get on a sailboat or yacht with experienced guides that will take you through the Sicilian bay to practice your two favorite hobbies. So, if you are looking to travel to Europe soon, Sicily is definitely a must!

Key West, Florida

Probably one of the top key places to go fishing. Key West has more to offer than just vibrant nightlife, it’s a group of small islands that represent the South Florida tropical sailing and marine lifestyle. Many people from different countries travel to Key West simply because they can catch numerous species using different tactics, all in one place! The clear crystal water houses world-famous fishes such as sailfish, kingfish, blackfin tunas, and amberjacks. On top of that, you can find exceptional tours and guides that will propose the best sailing and fishing programs based on your interests. Here there’s no reason to not going fishing!

Remember that fishing is an extraordinary activity that can be traced back millions of years. The sport is very fun, but we should also remember to be responsible and take care of the marine ecosystem. As fishing enthusiasts, we should become an example and contribute to a better practice of this sport.

Now that you know where to relax and enjoy your favorite hobbies, which destination will you go to next? Share a picture with us for a chance to get featured on instagram!