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One of the biggest problem for the sailing industry is how to put together an easy to use tool that can help sailboat owners select the appropriate sailboat hardware or equipment.

Buying sailboat hardware basically splits into two scenarios:

a. You are buying a specific part to replace existing equipment.
b. You are planning to upgrade your existing sailboat equipment.

If you are running into scenario A, then maybe navigating a website by brand or using powerful built-in search tools within your preferred online store will be the best way to find that replacement part.

If you are running into scenario B, then an easy to navigate and categorized website is a must. There are more than one good answer for each needed upgrade, several manufacturers will have equally good products to perform the same task, therefore the selection process may be quite time consuming.

There is obviously brand preference to consider but most likely price will be a factor too. Our recommendations is not to look into price as a factor since the savings between one brand and another might be minimum when it's prorated equipment will be kept on board throughout the years (approximately 20 years).

Our recommendation always goes by how reliable particular equipment and the manufacturer are. The last thing you want on your boat is to set less expensive sailboat hardware just to see it failing with months or after a few years of replacing them, and finding a matching part may be complicated.

Also, we recommend not pushing the lower limits of load capacity, always consider the shocking loads that occur on a sailboat while pounding through waves.

The bottom line: easy to adjust, reliable, consistency with spare parts are the most important factors to considering when ordering new sailboat hardware or equipment.

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