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Our History Our History

From the days of one guy selling sails in 1993 to the days of shipping worldwide. Our history has remained the same. Since the beginning, we love what we do and we want to continue improving and providing the best products and service to our large group of customers worldwide. The original name of Mauri Pro Sailing comes from our founder and dedicated sailor, Juan Mauri, who since day one has had a vision of being the best and the largest global sailing retailer. The dream became even bigger when, in 2003, the company decided to sail into new directions with their new global online platform. Since then, the store have been developing and now we offer more than 150 brands to our customers, including our own Mauri Pro Sails (part of our sailmaking division), developed by a passionate group of international sailors. We are excited about the future as we continue to develop a better and easy to use website but further more because every day we learn a better way to help sailors and ocean lovers from around the world.

Juan Mauri

Juan is peruvian by birth, which is not a country that most people necessarily connect with sailing. Juan's first try to sail end up with an inflatable 2 persona boat stuck into the rocks of a break wall, the story goes that he transformed this small boat into a sailboat by adding a sail (made out of a parachute) but forgot to consider a dagger boat, he was 12. After that, Juan has gone to win many National and International championships and to become a speaker at Yachts clubs and sailing organizations. In addition Juan is a well know e-marketeer for all sailing and marine related.

Maia Caffelli

When Juan started the business, within a couple of weeks asked Maia to join as co-founder and to manage the daily operations of the new company. As the company grew, her position and role within the company evolved into a much larger position of responsibility she became the Director of Global Operations. Maia was born in Peru to an Italian family, and grew up speaking Italian and Castilian (a formal extension of spanish mainly spoken in Spain!). When the company was started, Maia put in an inmense amount of effort just to learn english. She worked full time, attended night classes, AND raised two kids, Ale and Giacomo (since both of the kids loved to scuba drive and cruise, it seemed that salt water ran through their veins!) All in all, it presented an interesting and exciting challenge for Maia, as she worked day and night with a rapidly growing internet company.