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Naish Windsurfing

Naish is a company that's not afraid to tread its own path. Based on Maui, Hawaii, they began life as an innovative windsurfing company and over the years, have evolved and grown into the brand you see today. With wind, water and waves in their blood, team Naish has always looked for new and exciting ways to help everyone enjoy the world of boardriding. Proud of its heritage, Naish kiteboarding embraces their past while constantly looking forward for ways to improve.

Windsurfing is a sport that combines sailing and surfing. Created back in the late 1940’s, it was made to find out if it was possible to create a sail craft without the use of a rudder.

Windsurf Sails

Windsurfing is how Robert Naish made his name and mark on the world. It shows in all of his wind surfing products. Naish makes windsurfing a more fun experience by having every windsurfing sail fit a certain surfing style to make the most out of the water experience. The Scout SE is made for beginners and remains strong against all first time mistakes. There is the Boxer, which can wave ride or freestyle in any kind of condition. The Boxer’s brother, the Supermoto, was created to handle any kind of style of windsurfing. The Noa, a stress and hassle free design which gains great acceleration and speed. Then the Naish Bullet, a race sail which delivers high performance, high speeds, and tight controls.

Windsurf Boards

Made just like their windsurf sails, they’re made to fit the style of the windsurfer. Naish created their boards for people who want to plane, require high speeds, freestyle movements, or crave maneuverability. Planing is when you reach an high enough speed where you are sailing (or gliding) over the water rather than pushing through it and the water that leaves the aft end of the board does so in a laminar cut-off fashion and not in a turbulent way. Freestyle, and GT Sport are made for people who freestyle, but with great control. The Wave, Starship, and Global are all specialized to work in any kind of water conditions. Then the Windsurf board Bullet, which is designed for the highest speeds and the best control.

Quick Tips:

  • Get a good sense of wind direction before setting sail.
  • Make sure your back is always to the wind.
  • When you are starting the daggerboard, it should be down at all times.
  • To get a good balance make sure you rock back and forth while in a squat position to get a good feel of the board.
  • To get in a safety position so that you have full control with no power just take hold of the mast and let it swing. From this position you can practice steering.
  • See which side the bow of the board is in relation to you, and place your lower hand on the boom so the mast is leading the sail towards the bow(front).Then when ready, transfer the other hand to the boom. Don't be pulled down by the sail; the mast should be perpendicular to the board, so lean back and keep arms straight.
  • To accelerate just pull with the stern wards (the hand in the back) and let it out to slow down. Making sure your feet are behind the mast foot.

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