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Stay in phase

The Velocitek Shift is the newest addition to the successful line of Velocitek insturments. Taking upon the success of the Velocitek Prostart and the earliest Velocitek models, the Velocitek Shift incorporates a great starting sequence, updated compass performance, and an easily readable shift indicator.


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Mauri Pro Sailing: Velocitek Shift Overview

Smart Design

The Velocitek Shift uses large buttons on the side to help you operate the insturment under pressure, as well as the harshest conditions. You can instantly store port and starboard reference angles on the fly.

Velocitek Shift Side
Velocitek Shift w/ Hands

At a glance

The Velocitek Shift's high digits can be easily be read from over 100 ft away. With its high contrast LCD, the large numbers will show up crystal clear through your polarized sunglasses. The Shift is even designed to withstand continuous immersion at 3m (9 ft). Every single unit that comes off the assembly line is pressure-tested before it ships.


Tim Healy's Review of the Velocitek Shift

We really like the Shift. In the J/70 we use the option to keep track of the upwind angles. It's really nice feature. It gives you up and down readings tack-to-tack, and you can reset it anytime.

In the J/24 we don’t use the shift tracking. The compass is easy to read - big display, and simple design. I was driving the boat in Ireland (Worlds 2013) and could see it easily. I was doing tactics for John Mollicone at the NAs and I was substantially further forward in the boat; I could still read the compass easily.

In Newport there was really steep chop, the bow was coming up and down and here (J/70 NAs in Annapolis) it has been smoother water. It worked well in both sea states.


Velocitek Shift Review

Velocitek Shift 9-Axis

9 Axis Solid State Sensor

Probably one of the most defining features of the Velocitek Shift is its 9 axis Solid State Sensor which uses a combination of solid-state accelerometers, gyroscopes and magnetic sensors to completely track the orientation of your boat in 3 dimensions. The result is aerospace-grade heading indication that is smoother and more responsive than any other tactical compass on the market.

The ProStart's Timer

Velocitek did a great job when it combined the ProStart's capability into the new Velocitek Shift. When you hear or see any type of start signal just hit the GUN button. If the timer isn’t running, it will start. If the timer is running it will sync. Once the timer is sync'ed you can independently adjust minutes while the seconds keep counting down.

Velocitek Shift Timer
Velocitek Shift Backlight></td>
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Night Time Benefits

The Velocitek Shift has a red LED backlight that won't ruin your night vision. The Battery's good for over 60 hours of sailing in the dark!

Replacement Battery

Even the best lithium batteries don't last forever. The Shift was designed to make it easy for you to replace the product's battery yourself.

Replacement batteries Shift Battery

Velocitek Shift Battery
Velocitek Shift Label

Class Legal

The Shift doesn't use any GPS technology and it even comes with a static-cling Legalizer Label for use in the most conservative one design classes. And even though one sticker is included with each purchase, it doesnt hurt to get extras.

Extra Class Legal Stickers Shift Stickers

Whats in the Box

Box Contents:

  • Shift
  • Mounting Cradle
  • Two Velocitek Stickers
  • Quick Start guide
  • Static-Cling Legalizer Label
  • Nylon storage case

Shift does not come with a mast bracket. Mast Bracket

Velocitek Shift Box Contents

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