Harken 27 mm Midrange Car w/ Stand-Up Toggle/3:1 Controls

$ 275.95

(Original Price: $ 313.95)

Harken 27 mm Midrange Car w/ Stand-Up Toggle/3:1 Controls

Midrange CB traveler cars are built to handle high loads on boats from 27 ft to 34 ft (8 m to 10 m).
The one-piece solid aluminum construction is lightweight and strong. Ball bearings run on machined aluminum Hardkoteanodized races for smooth trimming and easing. Stainless steel wire guides keep balls captive when the car is off the track. Shackle/toggle cars have low pivot points to handle nonvertical loads.

Control blocks attach to toggle ears, reducing load on the car.

Lightweight soft attachment cars provide a variety of rigging solutions-athwartship jib or mainsheet systems, for example. Lash Carbo Loop blocks to the car for traveler control.

Car-mounted control blocks come preassembled with all components. When ordering please specify control block purchase from 1:1 to 4:1.

Part Number: T2732B

Imperial Metric
Length 4 1/4" 108 mm
Width 3 1/4" 82 mm
Height 3 1/8" 80 mm
Maximum Working Load 1800 lb 816 kg
Breaking Load 5000 lb 2268 kg
Weight 13.6 oz 386 g