Harken Unit #0 Carbo Racing Foil Machined - 12 m

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Harken Unit #0 Carbo Racing Foil Machined - 12 m
Product Description

The engineering resins in these strong, lightweight head foils offer significant advancements over the weaker PVC materials used by other manufacturers. The low-friction twin headsail grooves are ultrasmooth, allowing hoists, douses and headsail changes to be easily and efficiently executed. Impact resistance is unmatched, with far less foil damage from loaded spinnaker poles, especially in cold weather. Heat has little effect on stiffness.

Foils are UV protected and easy for the trimmer to see. For mast-up installation, simply uncoil the foil and snap onto the stay.

Includes foil only. Does not include feeder, end fittings, spacer tube or other kid components.

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Part Number: 7000.12m.Foil

Imperial Metric
Max Wire Dia. 1/4" 6 mm
Max Rod Dia. -10 dash 6.35 mm
Extrusion Length 39' 4" 12 m
Max Headstay Length 43' 4" 13.2 m
Extrusion Weight 0.102 lb/ft 0.152 kg/m
Luff Tape Size # 5 (5/32) 4 mm