Harken Small Stainless Steel Diamond Padeye

$ 31.95

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Harken Small Stainless Steel Diamond Padeye

Padeyes are great for mounting blocks and are also used as attachment points for staysails, reefing blocks, and hundreds of other items. Harken® offers a range of stainless steel padeyes. The diamond-shaped padeyes, 688 and 689, are 316 stainless and often used at mastbases where the diamond shape allows them to be mounted very close together.

A 79 3 1/8in
B 51 2in
C 60 2 3/8in
D 32 1 1/4in
E 30 1 3/16in
F 14 9/16in
G 22 7/8in
Weight 135g 4.75oz
Maximum Working Load - angle 1 1770kg 3800lb
Maximum Working Load - angle 2 2270kg 5000lb
Maximum Working Load - angle 3 1950kg 4300lb
Breaking load - angle 1 3540kg 7800lb
Breaking load - angle 2 4535kg 10000lb
Breaking load - angle 3 3900kg 8600lb