Harken 1in. Wire Block w/ Becket

$ 40.95

(Original Price: $ 46.65)

Harken 1in. Wire Block w/ Becket

The low-profile Flip-Flop blocks are lightweight and can be used for various leads on your boat including halyard leads, mainsheet leads and spinnaker sheet leads.

Sheave 57 2 1/4in
Length 111 4 3/8in
Width 57 2 1/4in
Height 73 2 7/8in
Weight 255g 9oz
Maximum line 10 3/8in
Fasteners 6 SH 1/4 SHin
Maximum working load 1136kg 2500lb
Breaking load 5000lb 2273kg
A 93.6 3 11/16in