Harken 40mm Carbo Fiddle Block

$ 39.95

(Original Price: $ 45.70)

Harken 40mm Carbo Fiddle Block
  • Sheave (mm): 40
  • Sheave (in): 1 9/16in
  • Length (mm): 115
  • Length (in): 4 1/2in
  • Weight (g): 51g
  • Weight (oz): 1.8oz
  • Shackle pin (mm): 4
  • Shackle pin (in): 5/32in
  • Maximum line (mm): 10
  • Maximum line (in): 3/8in
  • Maximum working load (kg): 220kg
  • Maximum working load (lb): 485lb
  • Breaking load (kg): 735kg
  • Breaking load (lb): 1620lb
  • Low-friction Carbo Air blocks are lightweight, strong, reliablend affordable. Companions to the popular Harken® Black Magic® line, these small, compact blocks have very high working loads for safe, easy trimming. The 40 mm fiddle is an excellent choice for 3:1 and 4:1 tackles on dinghy vangs and mainsheets, as well as for controls such as cunninghams and internal boom outhauls on larger boats.