Harken Double Micro Block w/ Becket

$ 29.95

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Harken Double Micro Block w/ Becket

Black Magic Air blocks are a top favorite of Big Boat performance racers and cruisers. These lightweight, free-running, powerful performers are used for sail controls that see lots of action. Sideplates and sheaves Hard Lube-anodized for maximum UV protection and a smooth surface. Center cage keeps Torlon® roller bearings separated and parallel to reduce friction. Torlon is a registered trademark of Solvay Advanced Polymers L.L.C.

Sheave 57 2 1/4in
Length 114 4 1/2in
Weight 200g 7.04oz
Maximum line 12 7/16in
Maximum working load 1134kg 2500lb
Breaking load 2268kg 5000lb
Fasteners 6 1/4in
Fastener circle 37 1 15/32in
A 57 2 7/32in
B 56 2 3/16in
C 32 1 1/4in