Harken 40mm Carbo T2 Single Loop Block

$ 40.95

(Original Price: $ 46.00)

Harken 40mm Carbo T2 Single Loop Block
  • Sheave (mm): 40
  • Sheave (in): 1 9/16in
  • Length (mm): 57
  • Length (in): 2 1/4in
  • Weight (g): 26g
  • Weight (oz): .92oz
  • Maximum line (mm): 10
  • Maximum line (in): 3/8in
  • Maximum working load (kg): 220kg
  • Maximum working load (lb): 485lb
  • Breaking load (kg): 544kg
  • Breaking load (lb): 1200lb
  • Includes: 2154 loop
  • The high-strength composite T2is the first block with no metal shackles or rivets. It is used for traveler controls, mainsheets and vangs, cascades, bridles, and other systems where small, lightweight blocks are called for.The T2 Loop on/off loop system slides through the block head and over the anchor post for a secure connection. A SK75 Dyneema® loop is included. Replacement loops available.