Harken 2.25 in. HexaRatchet Block Starboard

$ 68.05

(Original Price: $ 85.70)

Harken 2.25 in. HexaRatchet Block Starboard

Hexaratchets® grip loaded sheets, yet allow sailors to ease and trim quickly and with complete control. A switch on the side engages and disengages the ratchet mechanism. Use the 043 or 044 reverse ratchets with the 019 and 009 singles or 050 single with becket on spinnaker and jib sheets where ratchets rotate in opposite directions and on/off switches face up.

Sheave 57 2 1/4in
Length 108 4 1/4in
Weight 142g 5oz
Shackle pin 5 3/16in
Maximum line 10 3/8in
Maximum working load 227kg 500lb
Breaking load 907kg 2000lb