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1. Selden GX Furler
2. Checking the Mainsheet Systems on Beachcats
3. Downwind Sailing: Asymmetrical Spinnaker
4. New Footwear Collection from Gill: Classic Leather and Deck Shoes
5. Alpha Ropes: SSC and SSR Light comparison

! This is all about enjoyment!

For every sailor who is thrilled by boat speed in combination with fast and easy sail handling, Seldén GX is a new extra member of the crew. Unfurling an asymmetric spinnaker will give you instant gratification in terms of sailing performance and true sailing pleasure. Furling systems for asymmetric spinnakers and cruising chutes.

The GX Furler is available in 3 different configurations: 7.5, 10, and 15. This furler is great for cruising, racing, and top-down furling.

selden gx furler furling selden system

  • For cruising: In light winds you can have the furled sail hoisted, ready for action. Once you are off the wind you simply release the furling line and pull on the sheet and the asymmetric spinnaker unfurls while you remain in the safety of the cockpit. With a jib and an asymmetric spinnaker your performance is optimized for all wind angles.

  • For racing: An asymmetric spinnaker with a mid girth of minimum 75% of the foot length measures as a regular down wind sail. This means you can combine it with your regular spinnakers without penalty within the ORCi and IRC rules. Imagine the difference this could make to your sailing performance in the borderland between jib and spinnaker - what a game changer!

  • Top-down furling: The sail is attached to the freely rotating tack swivel on the drum and to the halyard swivel while the luff is free flying. A rigid anti-torsion line connects the drum and the halyard swivel. When turning the drum the anti-torsion line makes the top of the sail furl first, while the tack is independent on its swivel.

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    To get ready for the upcoming Beachcat season, now is a good time to check the mainsheet systems on your boat. Here are several steps to follow:

  • Take a look at your mainsheet line. Check for abrasions and frayed areas.
  • Inspect your blocks. You want to make sure that each block is properly spinning with all the bearings moving. If you have bearings that are sticking and not rolling, they might be deformed. Replacing the bearings can seem like a difficult task, but by following the manuals provided by your manufacturers, it will prove to be quite simple.

    Once each element is inspected, its time to rethread your line. Before you begin, be sure to place the blocks at 90 degrees from each other. Follow the 7 steps below for easy instructions on how to rethread your Beachcat system:

    harken multihull mainsaheet system blcok mauri pro sailing
  • Step 1: Attach the spliced end to the lower tackle.
  • Step 2: Thread the bitter end through the most forward center block on the upper tackle.
  • Step 3: Go down to the becket block and back up to the forward outer block on the end.
  • Step 4: Thread the line to the outer block on the right side of the lower tackle.
  • Step 5: Cross the line back up to the outer most block on the upper tackle.
  • Step 6: Thread the line to the left outside block on the lower tackle.
  • Step 7: Take the line through the only block on the upper tackle and bring it back down through the center block on the lower tackle, then through the cam cleat.
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    DOWNWIND SAILING: Asymmetrical Spinnaker


    The evolution of the downwind sailing in the past 2 decades has caused designers, racers, and cruisers to bring new thought to the spinnaker. As sail design began incorporating new ideas and thoughts, one immediate question arose, what type of spinnaker, asymmetrical or symmetrical would be the best?

    Read the full story here

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    GILL NEW FOOTWEAR COLLECTION: Classic Leather and Deck Shoes

    gill sperry deck sailboat yacht shoeAnyone that spends time on the water will understand the importance of having a sure grip, stable footing and comfortable support. Gill has a new footwear collection that offers all of the above and more, from hand-stitched construction, marine grade leathers and impact absorbing outsoles that expel surface water.

    gill saiblaot shoesThe leather styles are traditionally crafted with full tubular, true moccasin construction and are hand-stitched on the last. They also feature 360 degree rawhide leather lacing and branded non-corrosive eyelets. This contrasts with the new performance line of Gill sailing footwear that has mesh construction, is highly breathable and fast drying, making them the perfect shoe for warm weather sailing.

    Visit: Gill Store | Gill Sailing Shoes & Boots
    gill muri pro sailing store

    ALPHA ROPES: SSC and SSR Light


    Alpha SSC

    Braid: Double
    Core: 12 strand Dyneema SK75
    Cover: 16 braid mix Dyneema SK75/Special Fibre
    Uses: Sheets and control lines; lightweight, suitable for tapering
    Diameters (mm): 6mm and 8mm

    Alpha SSR Light

    Braid: Double
    Core: 12 strand PP Multifilament
    Cover: 16 braid mix Dyneema SK75/Special Fibre
    Uses: Sheets and control lines; Extraordinary grip and great durability
    Diameters (mm): 5mm, 6mm, 8mm, 9mm and 10mm

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