Schaefer 8-12 Series Blocks

Schaefer Series 8 Blocks

Schaefer's 8 Series Stainless Steel Blocks add strength and brilliance to your deck. For mainsheet systems, halyard and genoa leads on medium and large cruising and racing boats. Featuring Delrin™ sheaves, forged stainless steel "D" shackles, bolted construction for strength and Stainless Steel cheeks polished to a high luster add beauty and confidence to your boat.

Code: SCH0805
List Price: $ 190.40
Price: $ 147.95
Code: SCH0805UC
List Price: $ 311.80
Price: $ 232.95
Code: SCH0815
List Price: $ 285.40
Price: $ 213.95
Code: SCH0815UC
List Price: $ 376.45
Price: $ 292.95
Code: SCH0845
List Price: $ 366.70
Price: $ 273.95
Code: SCH2355
List Price: $ 529.85
Price: $ 395.95

Schaefer Series 10 Blocks

Schaefer's 10 Series Blocks feature Stainless Steel cheeks, forged "D" Shackles, Universal Head swivels, Stainless Steel straps for exceptional strength and your choice of either Lexan or our High Performance "UC" sheaves/ Lexan sheaves use this bearing as well as a self-contained circuit of Delrin™ ball bearings for a very smooth and strong sailboat block. Available in a variety of styles to solve any lead issues you may have.

Code: SCH1005
List Price: $ 319.40
Price: $ 248.95
Code: SCH1005UC
List Price: $ 470.90
Price: $ 365.95
Code: SCH1015
List Price: $ 484.10
Price: $ 376.95
Code: SCH1015UC
List Price: $ 645.15
Price: $ 501.95
Code: SCH1045
List Price: $ 801.30
Price: $ 622.95
Code: SCH1045UC
List Price: $ 1,149.00
Price: $ 892.95
Code: SCH1055
List Price: $ 894.00
Price: $ 694.95
Code: SCH1055UC
List Price: $ 1,241.60
Price: $ 964.95

Schaefer Series 12 Blocks

Schaefer's 12 Series Blocks contain powerful 4in diameter sheaves to handle the loads generated by large "offshore" yachts. Highly polished Stainless Steel cheeks are reinforced with Stainless Steel V-Straps for strength and durability under load.

Code: SCH12005UC
List Price: $ 822.30
Price: $ 614.95
Code: SCH12015UC
List Price: $ 959.50
Price: $ 716.95
Code: SCH12045UC
List Price: $ 1,251.20
Price: $ 934.95

Precision machined Aluminum sheaves feature our self-contained Universal Circuit package with the Nomex™/Teflon™ composite bearing and twin bearing races for maximum thrust load capacity. Powerful, oversized sheaves and Schaefer's distinctive qualities ensure that you get the lasting quality you need.

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