Antal Special Blocks

Antal Twin Halyard Blocks

The “Twin-halyard block” is specially made for a 2:1 main halyard. The very small sheave is aluminium made with a composite fiber bushing. The body is completely made in “Highresistance” stainless steel Nitronic 50. Three sizes for breaking loads from 2600 to 10,000kg, for boats up to 70ft.

Code: ANTH020
Original Price: $258.00
Price: $219.00
Code: ANTH030
Original Price: $368.00
Price: $309.00
Code: ANTH050
Original Price: $698.00
Price: $579.00

Antal High-Load Blocks

These small and light blocks are the best solution for very high loads when sliding is not important. The very small sheave is fitted with a Composite Fiber bushing. The one piece frame is made for line connections. The 3 blocks (D=30, 40 and 55mm) give an 8:1 system. This system is specially designed for the backstay or the boom-vang.

Code: ANTH130
Original Price: $69.00
Price: $57.79
Code: ANTH140
Original Price: $128.00
Price: $109.00
Code: ANTH150
Original Price: $198.00
Price: $169.00
Code: ANTH160
Original Price: $268.00
Price: $219.00

Antal Snatch Looper Blocks w/ Snap Loops

Antal's newest snatch block with a small sheave suitable for high loads, particularly designed for 2:1 main halyards. Hard black aluminium rotating cheek plates with a Dyneema Snap Loop protected by a polyester cover, aluminium sheave on fiber bearing. Two sizes are available with and without a Snap Loop. The Dyneema Snap Loop, including the Dog Bone fitting, is also available separately.

Code: ANTLS046
Original Price: $290.00
Price: $239.00
Code: ANTLS054
Original Price: $439.00
Price: $369.00
Code: ANTLL046
Original Price: $230.00
Price: $189.00
Code: ANTLL054
Original Price: $349.00
Price: $289.00

Antal Twin Halyard Blocks
Product No. Sheave Diameter Load Limit Line Size Weight
H020 26mm 1300kg
(5/16 -3/8in)
H030 32mm 2200kg
(3/8 - 1/2in)
H050 50mm 5000kg
(9/16 - 5/8in)
Antal Twin Halyard Blocks
Product No. Sheave Diameter Load Limit Line Size Weight
H130 30mm 600kg
(1/4 -5/16in)
H140 40mm 1200kg
(5/16 -3/8in)
H150 55mm 2400kg
(3/8 -1/2in)
H160 70mm 3500kg
(1/2 -5/8in)

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