Viper 640 Jib System470

Jib System

Viper 640 Jib Leads
The 2:1 ratchet-controlled jib sheet runs through Carbo T2s on the clew to low-profile pinstop cars for trim angle adjustments. In addition to moving the cars forward to round the foot of the jib, Viper sailors can also improve light-air performance by removing the top batten to keep the leech open.

Viper 640 Jib Halyard Fine-Tune
For cranking up the luff tension in fresh wind, the Viper's jib halyard is deflected through a 8:1 fine-tune. The double-ended system uses Micro Carbo Cams with X-Treme Angle fairleads, making it easy for the forward crew to adjust without leaving the rail.

HAR2137 - Harken 57mm Carbo Ratchet Block Cheek (Replaces 017 & 018)
Code: HAR2137
Original Price: $78.60
Price: $68.99
HAR150 - Harken Cam Cleat 150 - Standard Cam-Matic
Code: HAR150
Original Price: $36.35
Price: $31.89
HAR2650 - Harken 40mm Carbo Block Fixed
Code: HAR2650
Original Price: $25.80
Price: $22.69
HAR476 - Harken Micro X-Treme Angle FairLead II
Code: HAR476
Original Price: $16.90
Price: $14.79
HAR349 - Harken 29mm Carbo Fixed Stand-up Block
Code: HAR349
Original Price: $22.30
Price: $19.59
HAR459 - Harken Cam-Matic w/ X-Treme Angle FairLead
Code: HAR459
Original Price: $54.25
Price: $47.69
HAR353 - Harken 29mm Carbo 90 Degree Alternate Block
Code: HAR353
Original Price: $30.80
Price: $26.99
HAR371 - Harken 29mm Carbo Clew Block Assembly
Code: HAR371
Original Price: $30.45
Price: $26.79
HAR073 - Harken Standard SS Eye strap 1.25 in. Hole Spacing
Code: HAR073
Original Price: $2.15
Price: $1.79
HAR470 - Harken Cam-Matic II w/ X-Treme Angle FairLead
Code: HAR470
Original Price: $45.55
Price: $39.99
HAR2149 - Harken 40mm Carbo T2 Single Block
Code: HAR2149
Original Price: $37.60
Price: $32.99
HAR450 - Harken Dinghy Jib Lead Car w/ Eyestrap
Code: HAR450
Original Price: $63.70
Price: $55.99
HAR45312 - Harken Dinghy Low-Beam Jib Lead Track w/ Pinstop Holes - 12 in.
Code: HAR45312
Original Price: $27.85
Price: $24.49
HAR340 - Harken 29mm Carbo Swivel Block
Code: HAR340
Original Price: $24.20
Price: $21.29

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