Viper 640 Gnav470

Gnav/Boom Vang

Viper 640 Gnav strut
The Viper cockpit is very clean with a gnav in place of a traditional vang. The new 8:1 Harken gnav replaces the slider system with a captive bearing car designed for compression loads. The Harken HC8418 utility car removes most of the friction to make the system more powerful, reducing the need for a very high purchase, and making it far easier to use under load.

HAR3807 - Harken Track System A CB Mast 80 3/4in.
Code: HAR3807
Original Price: $100.15
Price: $88.13
HAR343 - Harken 29mm Carbo Double Block w/ Swivel and Becket
Code: HAR343
Original Price: $47.65
Price: $41.93
HAR3808 - Harken Track Endstop Kit - System A CB Round Mast Groove/Fixed (Pair)
Code: HAR3808
Original Price: $44.45
Price: $39.12
HAR342 - Harken 29mm Carbo Double Block w/ Swivel
Code: HAR342
Original Price: $43.95
Price: $38.68
HAR242 - Harken Micro Block Thru-Deck
Code: HAR242
Original Price: $29.65
Price: $26.09
HAR348 - Harken 29mm Carbo Fixed Block
Code: HAR348
Original Price: $14.30
Price: $12.58

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