Snipe Whisker Pole Launch System470

Whisker Pole

Snipe Whisker Pole Launching System and Parts
The Snipe uses a retractable boom-launched whisker pole. The crew deploys the pole with an automatic cleating system led through two 29 mm Carbo stand-up blocks. Two 29 mm T2 Carbo blocks hold up the whisker pole line.The Unique Whisker pole systenm on the snipe sailboats allows practiced snipe teams to have efficient gybes and down wind legs.

HAR2146 - Harken 29 mm Carbo T2 Single Block
Code: HAR2146
Original Price: $24.70
Price: $21.74
(You Save: $2.96)
HAR349 - Harken 29 mm Carbo Fixed Stand-up Block
Code: HAR349
Original Price: $22.30
Price: $19.62
(You Save: $2.68)
HAR150 - Harken Standard Cam-Matic Cam Cleat
Code: HAR150
Original Price: $36.35
Price: $31.99
(You Save: $4.36)

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