Musto Skiff Gnav470

Boom Vang

The vang is used upwind in a breeze to flatten the sail and maintain leach tension. As the breeze builds, the increase in vang tension allows the skipper to play the main. The vang lever is trimmed with a 2:1 block and tackle system led out to the skiff's wings.

HAR224 - Harken Single Micro Block
Code: HAR224
Original Price: $12.30
Price: $10.82
(You Save: $1.48)
HAR442 - Harken 16mm Block w/ Eyestrap Assembly
Code: HAR442
Original Price: $22.15
Price: $19.49
(You Save: $2.66)
HAR377 - Harken Micro Forkhead Block
Code: HAR377
Original Price: $19.95
Price: $17.56
(You Save: $2.39)
HAR294 - Harken Micro 15 Degree Angled Cam Riser
Code: HAR294
Original Price: $7.65
Price: $6.73
(You Save: $0.92)

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