Lightning Boom Vang470

Boom Vang

Lightning Belowdeck Vang System
This split boom vang lets you easily adjust the vang from both sides while hiking. The 24:1 purchase uses lightweight Carbo blocks for the power needed to control sail shape without adding weight to the boat. The cascading system uses small high-tech line to help keep everything clean above deck.



HAR300 - Harken 1in. Wire Block
Code: HAR300
Original Price: $36.80
Price: $32.29
HAR220 - Harken Double Bullet Upright Lead Block
Code: HAR220
Original Price: $42.45
Price: $37.29
HAR342 - Harken 29mm Carbo Double Block w/ Swivel
Code: HAR342
Original Price: $43.95
Price: $38.59
HAR344 - Harken 29mm Carbo Triple Block w/ Swivel
Code: HAR344
Original Price: $57.70
Price: $50.69
HAR341 - Harken 29mm Carbo Swivel Block w/ Becket
Code: HAR341
Original Price: $27.90
Price: $24.49
HAR348 - Harken 29mm Carbo Fixed Block
Code: HAR348
Original Price: $14.30
Price: $12.49

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