J105 Traveler System470

Mainsheet System

J/105 Gross-Trim, Fine-Tune Mainsheet
The divided cascading system runs the powerful fine-tune lead aft, allowing the helmsman to easily optimize sail shape on a light air beat. The gross-trim runs forward to the trimmer for fast mark roundings. To use this efficient 6:1 / 24:1 system, simply add a HAR144 swivel base and third-party mainsheet adapter plate to your existing hardware.

HARR27HB15M - Harken High-Beam Variable Hole Spacing Track - 1.5 m
Code: HARR27HB15M
Original Price: $177.75
Price: $149.00
HAR1635 - Harken Midrange Windward Sheeting CB Car
Code: HAR1635
Original Price: $654.50
Price: $569.00
HAR137 - Harken Large SS Eyestrap
Code: HAR137
Original Price: $2.90
Price: $2.49
HAR150 - Harken Cam Cleat 150 - Standard Cam-Matic
Code: HAR150
Original Price: $36.35
Price: $31.89
HAR295 - Harken Flat Cam-Matic Riser
Code: HAR295
Original Price: $8.85
Price: $7.69
HAR1523 - Harken Midrange Endstops High-Beam (Pair)
Code: HAR1523
Original Price: $49.35
Price: $43.39
HAR150SP - Harken Cam Cleat for Windward Sheeting Car
Code: HAR150SP
Original Price: $57.30
Price: $41.99

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