Finn Mainsheet System470

Mainsheet System

Finn Mainsheet System
The 3:1 Finn mainsheet system is trimmed from the swivel base in the cockpit, creating significant mast bend. When the bend exceeds the sail's luff curve, the mast inverts and flattens the sail. Less bend increases the sail's draft. The Finn class does not restrict pumping in heavy winds, and the deadend on the boom allows a powerful 1:1 mainsheet to induce surfing downwind.


HAR2650 - Harken 40mm Carbo Block Fixed
Code: HAR2650
Original Price: $25.80
Price: $22.69
HAR340 - Harken 29mm Carbo Swivel Block
Code: HAR340
Original Price: $24.20
Price: $21.29
HAR404 - Harken 16mm Fixed Single Block
Code: HAR404
Original Price: $14.75
Price: $12.89
HAR406 - Harken 16mm Fixed Double Block
Code: HAR406
Original Price: $30.65
Price: $26.89
HAR408 - Harken 16mm Fixed Triple Block
Code: HAR408
Original Price: $43.25
Price: $37.99
HAR421 - Harken 16mm Single Thru-Deck Block
Code: HAR421
Original Price: $41.00
Price: $35.99
HAR470 - Harken Cam-Matic II w/ X-Treme Angle FairLead
Code: HAR470
Original Price: $45.55
Price: $39.99

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