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Mauri Pro Sailing - Rigging shop is proud to offer an effortless solution to order your next set of spinnaker guys.

Simply, order by length and the type of sailing you enjoy most for a fast replacement. We have selected an array of lengths and line diameters for cruising, performance cruising or racing needs. Each guy comes complete with the appropriate shackle, eye splice and messenger loop. You can buy with confidence these sheets will provide a long service life.

  • Turn around for Sheets is 2 to 3 business days, plus shipping
  • All sheet lengths are based on calculations from standard boat dimensions listed by the manufacturer. If in doubt, please measure your boat to be sure the lengths provided will fit your particular need.
  • For custom orders or if you cannot find the sheets you need, contact us.

  • Cruising Spinnaker Guys: Built out of Sampspnn Rope's XLS Polyester Double Braid lines with Wichard snap shackle. Line size varies from 10mm (3/8") to 12mm (1/2"). Includes, eye splice and end-whipping.

    Performance Spinnaker Sheets: For performance cruising or entry level club racing. Built out of Samson Rope's MLX Dyneema Blend core or Warpspeed 100% Dyneema lines. All lines include the appropriate Wichard snap shackle and shackle guard. Line size varies from 8mm (5/16") to 12mm (1/2"). Includes shackle guard, splice and end-whipping.

    Racing Spinnaker Guys: For the serious racer, when weight savings and zero elongation is needed. Built out of Samson Ropes's Warpspeed 100% Dyneema core lines with the appropriate Tylaska trigger shackle and shackle guard. Line size varies from 8mm (5/16") to 11mm (7/16"). Option for full cover or tapered. Includes shackle guard, eye splice and end-whipping.

    MPRSGC1152 - Cruising Spinnaker Guys: 15.8m (52 ft) - Polyester Double Braid 11mm (7/16") w/shackle
    Code: MPRSGC1152
    Original Price: $306.68
    Price: $180.20
    (You Save: $126.48)
    MPRSGP1152 - Performance Spinnaker Guys: 15.8m (52 ft) - Dyneema Blend 11mm (7/16") w/shackle
    Code: MPRSGP1152
    Price: $456.40
    MPRSGR0852 - Racing Spinnaker Guys: 15.8m (52 ft) - Dyneema Core 8mm (5/16") w/shackle
    Code: MPRSGR0852
    Original Price: $469.00
    Price: $409.50
    (You Save: $59.50)

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