Wheels - Overview

Install a steering wheel instead of a tiller to have the comfort of a wheel while cruising with the ability to make small adjustments with the turn of a wheel. Lewmar provides a solution to let you save space with the folding wheels. Get the classy vintage look with yacht wheels from Edson as well as their other assortment of wheels design with your choice of grip for your comfort and performance.

Classic Teak<br>Yacht Wheels
Classic Teak<br>Yacht Wheel (T.Rim)
Commercial<br>Bronze Wheels
Bronze Wheel<br>Teak Handles
<br>Character Wheels
<br>Teak Rim Wheels
Stainless<br>Comfort Grip Wheel
Stainless<br>Destroyer Wheels
Stainless<br>Leather Rim Wheels
Ultra-Light<br>Aluminum Wheels
Diamond<br>Series Wheels
Double Black<br>Diamond Wheels
Pro Series<br>Carbon Fiber Wheels
Wheels<br>Mini Maxi
<br>Cockpit Accessories

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