Spinnaker Pole Accessories


Whether you are looking for replacement parts, spinnaker pole bags or are looking for an upgrade for your spinnaker pole, we at Mauri Pro Sailing have the Spinnaker Pole Accessory to replace any previous broken part. If you have any questions about Spinnaker pole accessories from Forespar, Ronstan, Selden and Spinlock, Technical assistance is provided to help you make the right purchase to replace your old or broken spinnaker parts and give youForespar Spinnaker Pole Mast Chock back control of the kite.

About Forespar Automatic Locking Struts
The Automatic Locking series of strut features Forespar's special socket-type end that automatically locks onto the toggle-pin mast fitting with an easy push on the strut.  A simple release lever allows the strut to be quickly removed. The easy latching struts feature the easy-latching inboard fitting which easily and quickly snaps onto the mast ring. These reaching struts are especially valuable in competitive racing situations. The TMP mast fittings are required. End fittings are also available for forespar reaching struts.

About Forespar Spinnaker Pole Adapting Collars
Forespar adapting collars are a useful spinnaker pole accesory when buying new end fittings or replacing bent poles. Adapting poles are used to use smaller diameter end fittings on larger diameter spinnaker poles.

About Forespar Spinnaker Pole Mast stanchion and Deck Chocks
Mast chocks are a useful way to store spinnaker poloes Forespar deck chocks are used to stow our spinnaker poles or whisker poles on the deck. Forespar strongly recommend poles be stored on deck for heavy weather. The "Ultra" deck chocks will accept all Forespar® pole fittings. These chocks have been designed and made from Marelon for rugged use while incorporating a "snag-proof" low profile. Forespar mast chocks are molded from durable high tech urethane, these chocks allow for stowing the pole vertically against the face of the mast. Off the deck and out of the way! Two MPC chocks mounted 2 to 3 feet apart will help stop the pole from rattling.

About Ronstan Spinnaker Brace Donuts
Ronstan Spinnaker brace donuts are made from tough, moulded Nylon spinnaker brace "donuts" prevent snap shackles from jamming in spinnaker pole ends as well as a buffer from the spinnaker. 

About Ronstan Spinnaker Hardware
Ronstan Deck Hooks are used instead of barber haulers, to hook in the windward spinnaker sheet after gybing. These hooks are made using the durable and corrosive resistant grade 316 stainless steel with a neoprene pad for the deck. The hook can be bolted through or screwed into the deck.Ronstan Spinnaker Pole Rings a grade 316 stainless steel attachment point for spinnaker poles on the mast. These rings suit most common mast profiles. 

We at Mauri Pro Sailing are fully committed to be your Spinnaker Pole Accessory specialist not only providing the sailing community with a comprehensive and easy to use web site but with all the appropriate technical information that you might need to select your sailboat hardware and equipment. If you need any assistance selecting the appropriate Spinnaker Pole Accessories Sailing please contact us. Our crew is ready to help!