SLAM Thermalite and Titanium Layers

SLAM Sailing Layers

SLAM Titanium Top

A Neoprene long sleeve top suitable for all watersports in colder climates.

  • Anatomic and Ergonomic fit
  • Has a spandex neck opening for comfort
  • Wind-resistant and can retain body heat
  • Can stretch and mold around the body
  • Internal anti-ride silicon grip on the trim
  • Flat stitching with double hold

SLAM Thermalite Top

Can be worn as a base layer or in combination with Titanium Top.

  • Ergonomic fit
  • First or second layer garment.
  • Fast wicking material quickly moves moisture away from body.
  • Thermal fleece fabric for heat retention.
  • Bacteriostatic(Stops bacteria from reproducing)
  • Internal anti-ride silicon grip on trim.
  • Flat stitching with double hold.