Schaefer Traveler And Genoa Lead Tracks


Schaefer Aluminum T-Tracks
Aluminum Schaefer T-Tracks incorporates a concave shaped riser that allows it to remain steady for spar mounting, or easily accept sealant for mounting to sailboat decks. Black hardcoat anodized T-Track; also available in clear anodizing (silver), the color of natural extruded aluminum. All Tracks have holes at 1 3/8" (34 mm) intervals allow racers to fine-tune sails with at least three times the adjustment of normal T-track. Also works well with reefing blocks and spinnaker mast eyes.

Schaefer Traveler Tracks
Traveler tracks from Schaefer are hardcoat anodized black with Teflon impregnation to reduce friction and wear. Available for sailboats between 20' and 30'. Uses #10 fasteners on 4" hole centers, countersunk to serve as optional stop pin holes. Extruded marine grade thick walled aluminum maintains dimensional stability and structural integrity better than thin walled designs even when subjected to bending, twisting or compound curves. Available in 4', 5', and 6' lengths.

Schaefer Stainless Sail Track
Stainless Schaefer Sail Tracks are constructed from 304 Stainless Steel and are used on masts and booms for high strength sail leads.