Schaefer Halyard / Control Blocks


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Schaefer Fixed/ Hinged Fairlead Blocks
Fixed/ Hinged Fairlead Blocks from Schaefer have an extremely low profile that keeps control lines and halyards close to the sailboat deck. Open Delrin™ ball bearing race design guarantees low friction and easy maintenance. Choose from either fixed or hinged fairlead blocks.

Schaefer Half-Moon Mast Base Blocks
Half-Moon Mast Base Schaefer Blocks provide a strong and smooth option for leading your hayards and control lines to the sailboat cockpit. Choose from four different models, all featuring a heavy duty S.S. cage, polished and buffed to a mirror finish. Sheaves are machined aluminum and run on Schaefer's self-lubricating Nomex™/Teflon™ Bearing. UC models incorporate Delrin™ Ball Bearings for additional friction reduction.

Schaefer Halyard Lead Blocks
Lead your sail halyards aft safely and smoothly with the M-SeriesSchaefer Halyard Lead Blocks. Machined Aluminum cage design follows high load patterns for a very strong yet ligh sailboat block. Aluminum sheave runs on a Nomex™/ Teflon™ bearing and includes Delrin™ ball bearings keeping friction to a minimum. Lead halyards, topping lift and other control lines aft with ease. The Halyard Life Block is mounted to bisect halyard load angle for maximum tensile strength.

Schaefer Stand Up Swivel Blocks
The Schaefer Stand Up Swivel Blocks are excellent for fixed position halyard, sheet or control line fairleads. Block swivels 360º, tilts in all directions and is supported by a heavy gauge S.S. sprint to prevent deck contact. Large diameter base helps distribute loads to a larger surface area than other smaller designs. The new M-Series Schaefer Stand Up Block features Aluminum sheaves with Torlon™ rollers and Delrin™ ball bearings for superior strength and low-friction. Machined center allows the hub to be used as a bracket.