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SUP ATX Paddleboards and Paddles



SUP ATX introduced the concept of Stand Up Paddleboarding in lakes, rivers and surfing areas throughout the United States and around the world beginning in 2008. In their first year, SUP ATX established itself as the #1 Stand Up Paddle Board Maker Worldwide which it remains to this day.  SUP ATX started in Malibu, California when Travis Stassart and Mitch Taylor of Becker Malibu got SUP ATX founder Nick Matzorkis into paddle surfing. Immediately hooked, Nick was convinced the interest and demand for stand up paddling would be far greater in inland United States lakes and rivers than coastal regions.  Sharing this vision with 25 year Becker veteran Mike Bill, they launched SUP ATX to develop, manufacture and distribute stand up paddle boards designed for ocean, lake AND river usage. The result is the SUP ATX line of stand up paddle boards that have since defined and revolutionized the stand up paddle board industry worldwide, officially moving the sport from the shores of Hawaii and Malibu to lakes, rivers and surfing areas everywhere.

SUP ATX Paddleboards
All ATX SUP Boards are made for use by a wide variety of sized people in both flatwater and waves. SUP ATX Boards come in 10, 11 and 12 foot lengths. The performance differences between the different sizes and models of Paddleboards are subtle. Longer boards are more stable, shorter boards are more maneuverable. The higher priced boards are slightly lighter with greater durability and have a few extra features. Rest assured, you'll be happy and pleasantly surprised with the extremely high quality and great looks of any SUP ATX you choose!

SUP ATX Paddles
A good standup paddle is arguably the most important piece of equipment in a SUP paddling program. SUP ATX makes a variety of affordable high quality aluminum and carbon fiber SUP paddles to suit every situation and paddler, from elite racer to a first time paddler on a budget. Aluminum standup paddles offer extreme durability and versatility in an affordable package, making these the perfect SUP paddles for rocky lakes and rivers and rental use. SUP ATX Carbon fiber standup paddles are strong and light, allowing for the excellent performance and energy conservation, increasing your endurance and stamina on the water. SUP ATX offers fixed length and adjustable paddles in multiple constructions, sizes and flex patterns.

SUP ATX Paddleboarding Accessories
SUP ATX makes several Paddleboarding Accessories, including SUP Boardbags, Roof Rack Pads that allow you to put your SUP board on the roof of your car and other innovative SUP accessories. The SUP ATX Easy Transport SUP Caddy makes it easy to cart your board long distances with ease. The SUP ATX caddy also makes it easy to move up and down steep terrain in order to allow you to access your favorite paddle spot with ease.Our SUP ATX Traction Pad is made of a very soft yet durable EVA Memory Foam and Mylar 3M adhesive which provides the greatest comfort, durability and resistance to harsh elements such as sunlight and salt water. This traction deck pad has a self-adhesive backing that makes it ready and easy to apply to any clean surface. 

SUP ATX Paddleboards
SUP ATX Paddleboard Paddles
SUP ATX Paddleboarding Accessories

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