Swivel Shackles & Halyard Swivels


Swivels are used in many sailing applications. when two parts with different rotation need to be attached, you must place a swivel between them. You can use a swivel to attach a shackle or block that does not have a built in swiveling function to a sail or padeye. If your spinnaker halyard is getting twisted, consider getting a swivel shackle to keep the spinnaker from twisting up your halyard lines. Swivels are made of stainless steel and designed to withstand the weather without damage to the lines.

About Wichard Swivel Shackles
Wichard Swivels are contstructed with stainless steel and are available in a wide range of configurations to match any swivel need. Wichard swivels are useful for attaching two pieces that have different rotation. All Wichard swivels are designed and made in France. Wichard Swivels with clevis pins are available with working loads up to 3200 Kilograms. Fork-Fork swivels are designed for low loads and are useful in dinghy applications like tiller extensions. A benifit of fork-fork swivels is that they are an economical option for loads that fit within their working load. Clevis pin swivels come in a traditional pin with cotter ring and threaded versions. Similiar to the clevis pin swivels are the self locking swivels which have a captive pin and a high working load. Wichard Large Bail Swivels have working loads up to 5200 kilograms and have a bail size 41mm.

Wichard Webbing Swivels  are forged from High Resistance 17.4 Ph stainless steel. Webbing Swivels are useful for connecting straps to points that require free rotation. Beinifits of Wichard webbing swivels incude their excellent working loads up to 1600 kg. Wichard Mooring Swivels come in two different sizes and have two bails of equal size. Wichard Mooring Swivels are able to be immersed permanently. They have a very high resistance to corrosion because the mooring swivels are made from grade 316 stainless steel.

About Ronstan Swivels
Ronstan Ball bearing swivels have lower friction and higher working loads than non ball bearing versions. Used in conjunction with blocks and rigging systems to provide articulation and rotation. Not suitable for high speed rotating applications. Ronstan Ball Bearing Swivels are available in a number of configurations. Eye & Eye swivels are used to attach to wires together or two parts that terminate with a pin. Fork & Fork swivels are used to attach two things that are terminated with eyes. Eye & Fork swivels are used to attach a part that terminates with an eye to one that uses a pin with a swivel in the middle. A heavy duty Fork & Fork swivel is also available with a breaking load of 2600 kg.

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