Snap Shackles


Snap Shackles have numerous applications in sailing. Typical uses include attatching sheets, guys and halyards to headsails. Snap shackles can also be used to attatch blocks or docklines to padeyes, toe rails and other attatchment points. Different snap shackles are used depending on the size of the line being spliced on, wether a swivel is needed and the loads that are being applied.

About Harken Snap Shackles
 Harken Snap Shackles are designed to fit into the shaft of Harken blocks and have shackle pin diameters that correspond with the shackle holes on Harken Blocks. Many people use a snap shackle on the lower vang block so that it can be moved from the mastbase to the toerail to use it as a preventer. Other uses of Harken block/shackle combination include keel hoists for sportboats and other temporary purchase systems.

About Lewmar Synchro Snap Shackles
Attach a Lewmar Synchro Snap Shackle to the corresponding Synchro Lewmar Block to allow you to attach the block whereever you need within safe working load on your sailboat. Lewmar snap shackles corrospond to the sizing on Lewmar synchro blocks.

About Rostan Snap Shackles
Ronstan Snap Shackles have heavy duty plunger springs and precision components ensure dependable service. Body and clasp profiles are designed for easy clearance of lines and fittings when released. Ronstan shap shackles have a high strength to weight ratio. Split ring on plunger pin is spot welded for security. A lanyard can be attached to the plunger pin of Ronstan snap shackles for easy opening.

About Tylaska Snap Shackles
Tylaska trigger release snap shackles are designed to be released using a shackle fid, ensuring they won't open accidently. ded for security. A l This makes them perfect for spinnaker halyards. Tylaska snap shackles are extremely popular on large racing boats for use attatching spinnaker halyards, sheets and guys. The Tylaska T5 snap shackle is an excellent option for the same security and performance on smaller boats.

About Wichard Snap Shackles
Wichard has a wide variety of snap shacles to serve many sailing needs. Wichard Clevis pin snap shackle can be used simmilarly to the harken and Lewmar snap shackles. they can attatch to a block or to an eye, making them great to use on the tack of a sail. Wichard clevis pin snap shacles are available in a fixed ans swiveling version.

Wichard Swivel snap shackles are available with Large, standard and web bails, along with several clasp sizes and configurations. Wichard swivel snap shackles are made from high resistance stainless steel. The plunger pin is captive and canot become detached. Excellent working and breaking loads.  Easy to open by pulling the plunger pin. Allows for the attachment of a lanyard.

Wicard Quick release large bail snap shackles are perfect for attaching multiple lines, like spinnaker sheets. The quick release snap shackles have outstanding working and breaking loads. Wichard Tack quick release snap shackles can be built into a sail, allowing for a sail that is very close to the deck.