Sail Feeders


If you are sailing short handed or would like a little extra help during that hoist, use the assortment of pre-feeders to help properly direct the luff as the halyard is hoisted. Feeders are available for either mast or forestay attachments to let you hoist both main and headsail without a catch. Having a prefeeder means that you won't need to have a person manually feeding the luff of the sail into the mast groove or headsail foil.

About Shaefer Pre-feeders
Compatible with all systems, Schaefer's pre-feeder is helpful if you intend to change sails or sail shorthanded. Aligns your luff tape Spinlock Mainsail Feederbefore it enters into the Stainless Steel feeder on the extrusion foil. Welded bail allows for shock cord or line attachment to keep the feeder close to the headstay. Shaefer pre-feeders are available for both genoas and mainsails.

About the Shaefer Jiffy Reefing System
Schaefer Jiffy Reefing allows an entire "slab" to be quickly removed from the mainsail to reduce sail area and power in "heavy-air" conditions. With the mainsheet and main halyard eased, Jiffy Reefing lines pull the aft reef grommet tight to the boom. A separate reef line attached to the forward reef grommet is then tightened, pulling the sail tight and flat at the gooseneck. The halyard is then tightened and the mainsheet is trimmed with a new reduced sail area. It is also possible to create a single line system with Schaefer's unique block selection. 

Adjustable Jiffy Reefing Schaefer Sliders with welded bails, ride on boom mounted track to provide proper dead-end attachment point location for and aft. The reefing line dead ends on the stainless steel bail, leads under the boom and up through the reefing grommet in the sail. The Block version leads the line forward along the boom to a spar mounted jam cleat. 

About Spinlock Sail Feeders
The Spinlock Sailfeeder is a graphite loaded, anodised allo roller that is designed for fast, precise and smooth sail hoists. Headsail feeders are supplied with a length of line attchment in their correct free picoting position between luff entry and deck. 

About Wichard Pre-Feeders
The Wichard Luff Pre-Feeder is a simple, one hand operation pre-feeder. No need to remove the headsail before re-hoisting. Spring loaded jaws will automatically open when the spring is disengaged. Squeeze jaws together to re-engage the spring. Benifits of the Wichard opening pre-feeders include it's simple operation and its ease of installation. The Wichard pre-feeder weighs 0.050 kg (0.110 lbs). 

About the Harken Replacement Prefeeder for Carbo Racing Foil
Prefeeders facilitates fast sail changes. The Harken 7006 prefeeder comes with the Harken Carbo foil and features Hardkote-anodized rollers with low-friction bushings.

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