Rigging: Rings & Loops


Fasten a block to a padeye with Antal Snap loops or use Rings & Loops to redirect some running rigging. Keep ringdings in with Ronstan Cotter Rings. Choose from Schaefer's Stainless Steel Bow Eye or Lifting Ring for applications requiring a high quality attachment.Antal Low Friction Rings

About Antal Snap Loops
The Antal Snap Loop is a dyneema loop that can be opened, with an easy and safe lock system. Two sizes with 4 o 5 mm lines with different lengths. It will be used as a single, double or triple ring.

About Antal Deck Rings
Antal deck rings area fairlead and a low friction ring in one. They come in two finishes, black hard anodized and stainless steel.

About Antal Low Friction Rings
Antal Low Friction Rings should only be used for applications with high static loads, where trimming angles aren’t acute, or where only minor adjustments are needed. These rings offer a universal solution for your boat's control systems.

About Antal Ring & Loop Combinations
The Antal Low friction rings are available also with a dyneema loop for a fast and easy connection.Breaking load values have been obtained through tests on new Dyneema loops, the safe working load is obtained from the breaking load with a safety factor = 3 to consider the wear and tear of the dyneema lines.

About Harken Loups
Harken Loups are ready-made soft attachments that replace heavy stainless steel shackles on racing and cruising boats. Weight savings on large offshore boats can be as much as 200 lb (91 kg). Strong and lightweight, Harken Loups are constructed using multiple coils of tough Dyneema with Spectra cover— one of the most durable materials made. An annealing process ensures loads are equal on all coils. Colored tracers on the cover specify LOUPS strength by indicating the number of Dyneem coils. Most LOUPS configurations are made by taking the block apart. If the block can’t be opened a pin called a “Dogbone” joins the LOUPS to itself. When fitting hardware, choose the LOUPS that matches the attachment method shown in the chart. Custom length LOUPS are also available.

About Ronstan Cotter Rings, Clips & Toggle Pins
Ronstan Split Rings & Clips are used with clevis pins to maintain the hold of the fastener without fail until you remove it. These rings are made from a durable and corrosion resistant grade 316 stainless steel. Ronstan Toggle Pins are a quick fasteners for toggles. These durable pins are made from corrosive resistant grade 316 Stainless Steel. 

About Shaefer Bow Eye/Lifting Rings
Choose from Schaefer Stainless Steel Bow Eye or Lifting Ring for applications requiring a high quality attachment. 

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