Complementary Hardware - Pad Eyes & Fairleads


Padeyes are used on sailboats to attach a large number of parts. Padeyes for blocks and padeys for other sailboat hardware are typically made from stainless steel. Folding Padeyes are useful for keeping a deck clean and keeping toes safe. Folding padeyes are gread for tying docklines, jacklines and other attachments that are temporary. Folding Padeyes can also be used to attach fenders and use as lifing points. One poin to consider when adding folding padeyes to your sailboat is that theydiffer from conventional padeyes in that the load should be perpendicular to the hinge and bail instead of in line with it. The strongest positions are with the D-ring vertical or leaning towards the fold-down position, which focuses the load on the side anchored with two screws.

An important consideration when shopping for sailboat padeyes is the working load that will be applied by the block, wire or line that is attached to the padeye. When installing padeyes to your sailboats deck, it is important to use large washers, or even better a purpose made backing plate. Shaefer marine makes backing plates that are made specifically for Shaefer Padeyes.

About Harken Padeyes
Harken Folding Padeyes keep your deck and passageways clear. They’re ready when you need to attach a snatch block or fender, but fold safely out of the way when you don’t. Harken® offers a range of stainless steel padeyes. The diamond-shaped padeyes, 688 and 689, are 316 stainless and often used at mastbases where the diamond shape allows them to be mounted very close together. The 627, 629, and 648 padeyes are 17-4 PH stainless. For maximum strength always align fixed padeye bails to the load. Harken Padeyes are available in several different shapes and sizes.

About Ronstan Padeyes
Ronstan Pad Eyes are used to attach high load blocks or lines to the deck. Removable screw-in padeyes are ideal for attaching blocks which may be removed when not in use or while cruising. A threaded plug remains in the base section when the top plates is removed to prevent dirt and grit fromentering the threads. 

About Schaefer Padeyes
The heavy-duty Schaefer pad eyes are investment cast from high quality type 316 Stainless Steel for a high degree of accuracy and strength.The first step in the process that shaefer uses in making cast padeyes involves making a wax part from a master or permanent die. The wax part is then used in a temporary or series of temporary molds.The actual padeyes are then cast from the temporary molds without any wear to the permanent die to ensure accurate casting each time. Backing Plates are from 304 Stainless Steel and are sold separately.

About Spinlock Padeyes
The Spinlock Padeyes are a high strength and low weight 17-4 PH stainless steel 'U' bolt padeyes. Can be used with or without additional fasteners. The eye load is directed into the deck and not just the weld on the plate. Various fastener versions are available for cored deck.

About Wichard Padeyes
Wichard makes padeyes out of 316L stainless steel and Titanium. Wichard Titanium sailboat padeyes are lightweight and have a working load up to 10050 lbs.