Sailboat Deck Fairleads


Fairleads are a simple and economical means of containing, deflecting or correcting the lead angle of control lines. Fairleads are used to deflect sheets and control lines to provide a "fair lead" to winches, clutches or cleats. Other common applications of fairleads include tweaker control on small keelboats and jib sheets on dinghys. Use fairleads when lines need to be deflected a small amount. When deflecting lines over a large angle, use blocks.Harken Bullseye Fairlead

About Harken Fairleads
The Harken 237 Bullseye fairlead is useful when there is very little deflection in the line such as when routing a spinnaker pole foreguy aft along the cabin house.

Harken Bolt-Down Fairleads are used as shallow-angle line deflectors on boats 6 to 15 m (20 to 50 ft). These weight-saving fairleads are built of 6061-T6 Hard Lube-anodized aluminum for durability. Smooth surfaces and radiused center holes minimize line wear.  Harken Bolt-Down Fairleads are available in single, double, and triple configurationswith 12 or 16 mm hole sizes. 

Harken Lead Rings are simple, weight-saving devices used to route line for jib in-haulers, twings, barberhaulers, lazy jacks, cascading backstays and other applications requiring minimal fine-tune adjustments. Rings are Hard Lube-anodized 6061-T6 aluminum for a smooth, slippery surface, and with no moving parts, wear is minimal.

Harken Low Friction Rings should only be used for applications with high static loads, where trimming angles aren’t acute, or where only minor adjustments are needed. They will definitely save you weight in your vang system, but you’ll be adding friction to the line compared to freerunning ball bearing blocks. 

About Shaefer Fairleads
Injection molded plastic Schaefer Thru-Deck and Bullseye fairleads allow easy and smooth line leads to redirect the sheets and lines to where you need it on a sailboat. These fairleads are excellent for custom through deck rigging and can help create a clean deck.

Shaefer Bullseye Deck Fairlead are made from Injection molded plastic that allow easy and smooth line leads. Shaefer Bullseye fairleads are made for line direction only.

About Spinlock Bullseye Fairleads
Install a Spinlock Bullseye Fairled to improve your deck layout with these low profile control line guides. Guid any extra lines you may have to cockpit cleats or clutches when organisers are not available.  Spinlock Bullseye fairleads are available in single, double and triple versions. Spinlock bullseye fairleads are available in sizes ranging from 6mm to 16mm.

About Wichard FRX Rings
Wichard FRX rings are ideal for applications where lines are under heavy semistatic loads, as well as to de ect lines throughout the boat. Rigged with soft attachment, the FRX ensures light weight and e ective angle defection for multiple applications onboard. Featuring no moving parts, their reliability is a must. 

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