Rigging: Backstay / Babystay Adjusters


Make the proper adjustments to your mast rake with the assortment of backstay and babystay adjusters from the dependable names of Navtec, Ronstan, Sailtec and Wichard. For a powerful backstay adjustment, set up a Navtec or Sailtec hydraulic system to reach that perfect tension. Another option for smaller rigs is to install a Ronstan Channel Type Stay Adjuster, where the change is at the move of a pin. Keep your backstay out of your main with Selden Backstay flickers that keeps the stay clear when the boom tacks over. To make minor adjustments, use the Wichard backstay adjusters to make adjustments with the turn of a wheel or the pull of a handle. Technical assistance is available to help you choose the right adjuster for your rig.

About Ronstan Stay Adjusters
Ronstan Stay Adjustment Plates are made from durable and corrosion resistant Grade 316 stainless steel. The stay adjusters can be used to modify rig tension typically Hydraulic Backstay Adjustersused on dinghies, catamarans and small keelboats. Ronstan stay adjusters are typically used on dinghies and small keelboats. The Ronstan Fine Tune stay adjusters are particuallary popular amoung dinghy racers.

About SailTec Hydraulic Backstay Adjusters
Sailtec's Standard Integral Hydraulic Adjusters offer simple installation, easy operation, and effective adjustment with an accurate pressure gauge. Sailtec offers all of this at a lower cost than any other manufacturer. The Sailtec Integral Adjuster is the right choice for all sailors with boats from 28' to 75' when only one hydraulic adjuster is desired. The LO version of the SailTec Backstay Adjuster has a locking option.

About Selden Backstay Flickers
The backstay flicker is a glass fibre rod fitted to the head box on a fractional rig with swept spreaders. It lifts up a wire or rope backstay to allow for free passage of a full roach mainsail.

About Sta-lok Backstay Insulators
Sta-lok Insulators have proven themselves over many years to be an effective and totally reliable method of converting yacht backstays into radio antenna.  The main body of the Sta-lok Insulator consists of an ingenious stainless steel assembly.The whole is embedded ia a weather-proof nylon injection moulding designed to exceed the breaking load of the wire rope. Available in sizes ranging from 1/4 in wire to 1/2 in wire.

About Wichard Babystay Adjusters
Wichard Babystay Adjusters are ideal for fitting a removable inner forestay (genoa or solent). They are easy to install thanks to the snap shackle. Wichard Babystay adjusters are robust and performant. Wichard strongly recommended when there is a furling system The wheel model offers an outstanding value for money & dimensions.

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