Rigging: Backstay / Babystay Adjusters 

Backstay/ Babystay Adjusters - Overview

Make the proper adjustments to your mast rake with the assortment of backstay and babystay adjusters from the dependable names of Navtec, Ronstan, Sailtec and Wichard. For a powerful backstay adjustment, set up a Navtec or Sailtec hydraulic system to reach that perfect tension. Another option for smaller rigs is to install a Ronstan Channel Type Stay Adjuster, where the change is at the move of a pin. Keep your backstay out of your main with Selden Backstay flickers that keeps the stay clear when the boom tacks over. To make minor adjustments, use the Wichard backstay adjusters to make adjustments with the turn of a wheel or the pull of a handle. Technical assistance is available to help you choose the right adjuster for your rig.

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