Poles & Sprits


At Mauri Pro Sailing, we carry a wide variety of sprits and poles to match many sail handling applications. From dinghy sprit kits to spinnaker poles, whisker poles and large carbon bowsprits, we are your source for sailboat sprits and poles. We also carry made to order custom sprits and poles. In addition to complete systems, replacement end fittings, tubing and other spare parts for spinnaker poles are available. Technical assistance is available to help you determine the best sprits and poles to use for your sailboat. If you need help selecting the correct sprit or pole for your boat, feel free to contact us, our crew is ready to help!

About Removable Bowsprits
Have enough space on deck for a bowsprit? Take a look at our Sparcraft and Forespar bowsprit kits. A removeable bowsprit kit is a popular upgrade for boats of all sizes, especially larger cruising monohulls and multihulls. a removeable bowsprit is a good solution for boats that have an anchor locker at the boat, which a fixed bowsprit would prohibit the use of. Adding a sprit and a cruising spinnaker to your boat can help shorten passages and make sailing your boat more fast and fun. Selden bowsprits are made to work with several current bow set ups, a popular application is to attach the bow ring to an anchor roller, taking advantage of a crowded bow space. Bowsprits can be used with several configurations. When combined with a top down furler and a spinnaker or a code 0 sail and code 0 furler they not only make downwind sailing faster, but also easier and safer. A removable bowsprit set up will allow you to have a clean deck with just an extra padeye and bow ring when it's not set up.

About Pole and Sprit Control Systems
Using a mast track system to cotrol your spinnaker pole or whisker pole allows for several advantages. In addition to allowing the inboard end of the pole to be adjusted to allow for better spinnaker shape, a good track system allows for seamless dip pole gybes. With a long track and a mast chock, the pole can be stored on the mast by simply raising it to height and placing the outboard end onto the chock.

Harken spinnaker pole cars feature recirculating ball bearings to permit adjustment under load. They roll freely on low-beam traveler track to allow crew to adjust for optimal sail shape. Machined aluminum hardkote-anodized races permit Torlon bearings to transition smoothly from active to return race for smooth trimming or easing. Small Boat and Midrange cars feature captive ball bearings, making them easy to load onto the track and to maintain. Stainless steel wire guides keep ball bearings captive when the cars are off the spinnaker pole track.

Welded Schaefer stainless steel spinnaker pole sliders are constructed with formed rings that are heliarc welded to the slide designed to bend under conditions of extreme force rather than fail suddenly. Polyethylene lined slide reduces friction.