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Class Description

A Soling is a class of open keelboat designed by Jan Linge of Norway in 1965. In 1968, it was chosen from among many other boats to be the men's triple-handed boat for the 1972 Olympics. The Soling remained an Olympic boat until its final Olympic appearance at the 2000 Olympics. Since 2008 the Soling has been one of the Vintage Yachting Classes at the Vintage Yachting Games.

The Soling is a strong boat designed for any wind and sea conditions and is fun to sail. Fitness, sailing and team skills are basic requirements for good racing. The boats are made of fibreglass reinforced polyester and are One-design boats coming from an authorized single plug and mould, making competition as even as possible.

Mainsheet System

The gross-trim/fine-tune twin cam system matches the Soling's 2:1/4:1 purchase requirements.

Jib System

Jib System
The non overlapping jib is self-tacking. Two lines: sheet controls twist, traveler car positions sail and controls slot.

Backstay System

Backstay Controls
During mark roundings, helmsman positions masthead using single-ended gross-trim; makes precise adjustments using double-ended fine-tune controls.

Sheets and Control Lines
Mainsheet System
Backstay System
Jib System

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