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Hobie 16 - Rigging and Parts

Hobie 16: The Original Beach Cat
Iconic. The Hobie 16 revolutionized multihull sailing and defined its culture when she hit the California beach scene in 1969. Now, over forty years later, this Sailboat Hall of Fame inductee continually attracts great sailors and delivers serious adrenaline rushes worldwide.

Why? Because the Hobie 16 is the perfect cat, powerful enough for world champions yet forgiving enough for novices. Its dual-trapeze rig helps you and your crew member tame the high-powered sailplan, and its asymmetrically shaped fiberglass hulls reduce weight and eliminate the need for daggerboards. Seriously fast, seriously fun – fly a hull and the obsession begins!

Crew: 2
Length: 16' 7" / 5.04 m
Beam: 7' 11" / 2.41 m
Capacity: 800 lbs / 362 kg
Weight: 320 lbs / 145 kg
Draft w/ Rudder Up: 10" / .25 m
Mast Length: 26' 6" / 8.07 m
Total Sail Area: 203 sq ft / 18.89 sq m
Hull Construction: Fiberglass/Foam Sandwich

Jib System

Hobie 16 Jib Controls
Jib Sheet: Two 29 mm blocks tie together at the jib clew for maximum adjustment and a continuous 2:1 system.

Hobie 16 Jib Car Controls:
A swivel base with micro deck organizer reduces friction when the car is pulled outboard.

Hobie 16 Aussie Jib Halyard
The 4:1 system reduces compression load at the mastbase for easier tacking, mast rotation, and a consistant mast bend.

Main Controls

Hobie 16 Mainsheet System
The low-profile 6:1 mainsheet system features the load-sensing Carbo Ratchamatic®. Allows more mast rake for fast upwind sailing in a breeze.

Hobie 16 Downhaul
The 6:1 mainsheet system has a short stack height to fine-tune the main.

Sheets and Control Lines
Cunningham System
Jib System
Mainsheet System

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