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Class Description

After 14 years of use the Royal New Zealand Yacht Squadron decided it was time to replace their very successful Youth Training Fleet of Elliott 5.9s.

Greg Elliott designed the new Elliott 6 incorporating all the desirable characteristics of the 5.9 but also including the wish list of Coach, Harold Bennett. Significant improvements on the 5.9 were the open style cockpit so ideally suited to match racing, the fixed keel and the hard stand trailer.

The boats were to be practically built, in a cost effective manner but to a high standard. The Elliott 6 performs well on all points of sail, accelerates quickly and is very easily manouvered.

There are Elliott 6 fleets at the Royal Port Nicholson Yacht Club - Wellington, Cruising Yacht Club of Australia - Sydney, Royal Sydney Yacht Squadron and Royal New Zealand Yacht Squadron.

LOA 6m
DRAFT 1.66m
DISPL1 695kg
BEAM 2.35m

Mainsheet System

The mainsheet is trimmed through a ratchet block on the deck by the middle crew member while the helsman controls the traveler. During a tack or gybe, the middle crew member will travel with the mainsheet under the boom foreward of the Mainsheet purchase. This method allows the helmsman to put their primary focus on driving the boat.

Spinnaker System

Downwind, the crew dynamic changes to better accomadate the use of the Spinnaker. The foreward crew member runs the bow and gybes the spinnaker pole without ever leaving the cockpit. The middle Crew Member trims the spinnaker sheets as the helsman controls the main while steering.

The Spinnaker sheets runs through a 'tweaker' then to a fairlead through a cheek block in the stern. It is then lead from the stern to a flip flop block, which allows the the spinnaker to be trimmed at any angle in the cockpit.

Boom Vang

The double-ended 16:1 vang uses three sizes of Carbo blocks in a cascaded system that terminates in multi-block system. The control leads to the middle crew for a powerful purchase with less travel.

Full Layout

Full Deck Layout

Sheets and Control Lines
Boom Vang
Jib System
Mainsheet System
Spinnaker System
Tiller Extension
Traveler System
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