Neil Pryde Windsurf

Neil Pryde Windsurfing Overview

Every day Neil Pryde sets out to build sails that are better than any that have come out before them. They evolve, tinker, test, question without compromise. In the end, they inevitably end up with something that isbigger than the sum of its parts. A Neil Pryde feeling - where you just know when it's right.

Introducing the 2014 range, the next step in their journey to sailing perfection. Neil Pryde took the forceline panel idea from 2013 and it evolved into something bigger and better - a full sail concept where loads are dynamically controlled using advanced materials that do away with unnecessary panels and seams. The 2014 sails are built for one thing and one thing only - performance.

Variable density yarns built into the materials allowed us to follow loads and reinforce the sail where it needs it most. Segmented luff panels in freeride sails follow loads to support significant downhaul tensions. On wave sails, the fully integrated Forceline Frame radiates from tack to clew and follows the leech into the head, holding the sail's shape and creating a shield that can support the high loads experoemced om tjese areas.

They call it precision crafted performance.

Dear water, apologies in advanced.